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All photos by Jeffrey E. Salzberg
Top photo: Moon Reflections, choreographed by Victoria Loftin

Other photos: To Turn Again, by Susan Douglas Roberts, Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth






The 1997 Tony Award. The 1998 Obie. The 1999 Pulitzer Prize for fiction. These are among the many awards that Lighting Designer Jeffrey E. Salzberg has never won. He has, however, designed the lighting for theatre, ballet, and modern dance troupes all over the United States. Among the companies with which he has worked are the Houston, Chicago, and Washington Ballets, for whom he has lit such ballets as Swan Lake, Les Sylphides, and (of course) The Nutcracker. He has lit such contemporary plays as Margaret Edson's Wit and A. R. Gurney's Far East. He recently lit A Shropshire Lad, featuring New York City Ballet principal dancer Peter Boal, for Manhattan-based Dance as Ever. DanceView Magazine said of this production, "It was an extraordinarily moving piece, especially the elegiac last song. . .where the effective lighting (by Jeffrey E. Salzberg) seemed both to box the dancer in and to elevate him above all human suffering." The New York Times' Jennifer Dunning called the lighting for another collaboration with Mr. Boal, "ingeniously atmospheric."



Mr. Salzberg has also served as a design consultant for several theatre facilities. He is the past president of the Houston Dance Coalition's Board of Trustees and has participated in the arts funding process as a grantwriter, a panelist, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Cultural Arts Council of Houston/Harris County. In addition to lighting design and arts administration, Mr. Salzberg designs web pages (His portfolio can be seen at www.jeffsalzberg.com). He lives right outside New York City and views this upcoming season with great anticipation; after all, this year's Nobel Prizes have not yet been announced.


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