dca in new york • 20-22 june 2003
Information on the Dance Critics Association conference

Links to the past, Visions of the future. Kamikaze writing workshop. Cultural coverage in newspapers and magazines. Moving pictures and dance analysis. Kepping dance pure in disconnected times. Dance writing: losing ground or gaining legs? The future of ballet criticism. Fictions writers take on the world of ballet. more



dance umbrella 2002 UK • 10 september - 3 november 2002
Dance Umbrella's prestigious annual festival in London

“Dance Umbrella is proud to offer you eight weeks celebrating the best of contemporary dance, from the United States, Germany, Israel, Brazil, Spain, Belgium, France and, of course, Britain. Book now and enjoy the autumn!” more




pnb in london • 2-6 july 2002
Comprehensive, live coverage of Pacific Northwest Ballet's tour to London, including previews, reviews, interviews and daily diaries

“Sadler’s Wells is one of the best theatres we've performed in. It’s fabulous for dance. The close proximity of audience to dancer provides an intimate experience for everyone. We were well received by London dance fans on our last visit, although there were two rather different crowds in attendance for Midsummer vs. the mixed bill. The student crowd was loudly appreciative of the mixed bill, more like a crowd we’d experience in the States. Our relationship with the London audience is too new to really describe it. I've heard that the summer audience is different than the rest of the Season, so it will be interesting to find out!” more


words on dance • 18 march 2002
Cynthia Gregory in conversation with Joanna Berman

Words On Dance presents legendary prima ballerina Cynthia Gregory in conversation with San Francisco Ballet principal Joanna Berman. This singular conversation will include film clips of Ms. Gregory in some of her most memorable performances, including her famous Swan Lake as well as Alvin Ailey's The River, Kenneth MacMillan's Concerto, and others. more



dance umbrella 2001 UK • 15 october-10 november 2001
Coverage of Dance Umbrella's prestigious annual festival in London

Dance Umbrella is delighted to launch its first Promenade Performances at Sadler's Wells as part of this year's festival. This means that you can see both the Mark Morris Dance Group, whose programme includes a world premiere, and The Michael Clark Company's stunning new show, for as little as £5 each. more



amp's car man in LA • 6 september-28 october 2001
A photojournal of AMP in Los Angeles

Using a special new orchestration by a bold new orchestration by Rodion Shchedrin and Terry Davies, based on the unforgettable music of Bizet's Carmen, Bourne's new scenario weaves a thrilling web of passion and intrigue. more




abt on the west coast • 14-30 september 2001
Coverage of American Ballet Theatre's Summer Tour to California and Seattle, Washington

American Ballet Theater is recognized as one of the great dance companies in the world. Few ballet companies equal ABT for its combination of size, scope, and outreach. Recognized as a living national treasure since its founding in 1940, ABT annually tours the United States, performing for more than 600,000 people, and is the only major cultural institution to do so. It has also made more than fifteen international tours to forty-two countries as perhaps the most representative American ballet company and has been sponsored by the State Department of the United States on many of these engagements. more


find in montréal • 19 september-6 october 2001
Coverage of the 10th anniversary of Festival International de Nouvelle Danse

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Montréal's Festival International de Nouvelle Danse - le grand labo: corps son image_body sound image. The traditional gift for a 10th anniversary is tin or aluminium but a present-day offering is more likely to be diamond jewellery. The FIND has chosen a collection of gems for its 10th anniversary and is going all out for the occasion, showing off homegrown jewels and a wide array of international sparklers. more



sfb in london • 13-18 august 2001
Unprecedented comprehensive, live coverage of San Francisco Ballet's triumphant tour to London, including previews, reviews, interviews and diaries

"Helgi Tomasson (Artistic Director of SFB) was ambitious in his programming, staging many different pieces by different choreographers and even bringing works by two of his own dancers. He treated the London audience as a mature bunch of discerning but open-minded individuals, and it paid off. When we were unceremoniously ejected onto the street on Thursday while one of the dancers was baking his or her potato in a manner that threatened to turn the Opera House into one big microwave oven, I was able to take stock of the week and listen to the animated voices around me, eager to get back to their seats for Mark Morris’ Sandpaper Ballet. (By the way, who was that dancer? Own up. Britons love a little tabloid journalism however ‘well-heeled’ they are.)" more




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