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A Diary: Thursday, Day 4 of San Francisco Ballet's Season in London, Summer 2001
by Petra Tschiene

Can it really be that it is Thursday already? As the saying goes, time sure flies when you're enjoying yourself.

Today the weather was a bit cooler with a pleasant breeze, which was a relief after the sweltering, humid heat we had to endure for the past couple of days.

This afternoon I arrived at the Royal Opera House at 12.45 pm to conduct an interview with SFB corps member Amanda Schull. It was the first time ever I entered the building through the Stage Door.

Kyra Jablonsky SFB's Public Relations manager lead me into the Cafeteria and we had a nice chat for a few minutes before we were joined by Amanda who had just finished class. Before seeing Center Stage last February, I had never even heard of her and if somebody would have told me back then that just six months later, I would be interviewing her I would have laughed.

Amanda and I were able to talk for almost an hour. When one of her fellow dancers passed us telling Amanda about a new style of ballet slippers she had just bought, Amanda explained to me that the SFB members found it hard to resist the lure of all the dance supply shops in the area "... They are all so close by, so every day we find something new to try..."

After the interview, Kyra took me into the Auditorium where I was able to observe the dress rehearsal of Helgi Tomasson's Prism. It was an interesting experience but I have to admit that as soon as Lucia Lacarra appeared on stage I found myself so spell bound that I was hardly noticing anything of what was going on around me.

Since the dress rehearsal for the Programme 3 took place today, tomorrow's class is going to start at 12 p.m. instead of 10.30 a.m., much to the delight of the dancers who will be able to sleep in. Most of them are still suffering from jet lag, so this is going to be a very welcome change of their routine.

In tonight's performance, there will be a change of conductors. Julia Adam's Night will be conducted by Scott Speck. Ticket prices for the Saturday matinee and evening performance have been reduced. Stuart Sweeney has already posted further details in the "Ticket availability" thread.

It has been a very exciting season so far and I have enjoyed every minute of it.


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