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A Diary: Tuesday, Day 2 of San Francisco Ballet's Season in London, Summer 2001
by Stuart Sweeney

Tuesday is another hot day in London. Some of the dancers found the stage very hot on Monday night but Megan Low, from the Corps, would much rather have it that way than too cold. Megan was with the Company on the first visit 2 years ago. "It's different this time. Last time was a test for us as we had to establish ourselves. Now it's a chance to show off our latest."

She told me that the dancers love the facilities at the Royal Opera House, with some of the design details, such as shelves for drying pointe shoes, proving a great bonus. While the stage is not as wide as that back home, it does have more depth which balances things out. One point that the dancers have noticed is that the stage is not as well sprung as the one in the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco and they can feel the difference. The technical staff are investigating what can be done.

Megan danced in A Garden on Monday night. "It was so exciting to work with Mark Morris. It's a very enjoyable ballet to dance in and I love its musicality. Tonight I'm in Bugaku and Glass Pieces. We had a dress rehearsal this afternoon, which seemed to go fine. The orchestra are having to play works they haven't seen before which is always hard, but the tempi are great for the dancers."

Megan had a free day on Saturday and she caught The Lion King just around the corner from the Company hotel. After London, SFB travel to Santender and then Barcelona. "I've never been to Spain before and I'm really looking forward to it." Shopping is a priority in Megan's free time and I was able to reassure her that Spain will be a lot cheaper than expensive London.

Have a great tour, Megan. We're delighted that you and your colleagues are here.

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