2004 Index

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater - 'Hymn': Why Dance?

American Ballet Theatre - 'Nutcracker': Valiant Dancers vs. Odd Choreography

American Ballet Theatre - 'Nutcracker': ABT Returns to Please and to Puzzle

American Ballet Theatre - 'Raymonda,' 'Without Words,' 'Within You Without You': Beauty and Boredom at the Kennedy Center

American Ballet Theatre - 'Raymonda,' 'Without Words,' 'Within You Without You': Mixed Repertory, Mixed Accomplishments

American Ballet Theatre - 'Theme and Variations,' 'Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux,' 'Mozartiana,' 'Ballet Imperial'

American Ballet Theatre - 'Theme and Variations,' 'Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux,' 'Mozartiana,' 'Ballet Imperial': Balanchine and Tchaikovsky Brighten ABT's Day

American Ballet Theatre - 'La Bayadere'

American Ballet Theatre - 'Petit Mort,' Sechs Tanze,' 'Pillar of Fire,' 'Within You Without You': From Mozart to Harrison

Anhui Acrobatics Troupe - 'Za-Ji': A Feast of Feats

Ballet de l'Opéra d'Avignon - 'Cassandra'

Ballet Preljocaj - 'Near Life Experience'

Ballet Preljocaj- 'Near Life Experience'

Ballet San Jose - 'Out of Africa'

Ballet West: 116 Year old Marries 21 Year Old - Sleeping Beauty Awakens Modern Audiences

Ballet West - 'Concerto Barocco,' 'Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux,' 'Lark Ascending,' 'The Rite of Spring'

Ballets Trockadero Makes Its Honolulu Debut

The Bang Group - 'Critical Mass', 'Pop', 'Slapstuck', Show Business', 'The Boogie Shoes Project'

Batsheva Dance Company - 'Deca Dance': The Ministry of Silly Dances

Tournée du Bolchoï à Paris, Opéra National de Paris – Palais Garnier

 - 'La Fille du Pharaon'

 - 'La Fille du Pharaon'

 - 'La Fille du Pharaon'

 - 'La Fille du Pharaon'

 - 'La Fille du Pharaon'

 - 'Le Lac des Cygnes'

 - 'Le Lac des Cygnes'

 - 'Le Lac des Cygnes'

 - 'Le Lac des Cygnes'

 - 'Le Clair Ruisseau'

 - 'Le Clair Ruisseau'

 - 'Le Clair Ruisseau'

Boston Ballet - Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes'

Boston Ballet - 'Lady of the Camellias': The Singular Capacity to Seduce

Boston Ballet - 'Swan Lake': Humanity and the Fall

Carla Fracci and Dancers of the Rome Opera Theater Ballet: 'Girotondo Romano'

The Cholmondeleys and the Featherstonehaughs - 'Double Take': Two views of the Chums and the Fans

Christine Bastin: Choses inhabituelles dans le hip-hop

Cincinnati Ballet - 'Romeo and Juliet': Two Shows, Both Alike in Dignity

Cincinnati Ballet - Come Together Festival - 'Rainbow Round My Shoulder,' 'Amazed in Burning Dreams,' 'Nosotros'

Circus Oz: A Horse of A Different Color

Compagnie Rosas - 'Bitches Brew-Tacoma Narrows'

Companhia de Dança Deborah Colker - '4 Por 4,' 'Rota': Artistic Fusion at the Barbican

Compañia Tango Por Dos- 'Tangos - A Legend': What's New, Buenos Aires

Robert Altman's 'The Company': Altman's take on the Joffrey is artsy, not artistic

Robert Altman's 'The Company': Fleeting Events in a Dancer's World

'The Company'

Cullberg Ballet - ''Out of Breath', 'Within Now', 'Walking Mad': Triple Bill Showcases Inger's Eclectic Choreography

DanceBoom! Festival

Dance Connecticut - 'Nutcracker': Go West, Young Woman!

Dance Theatre of Harlem - 'Serenade,' 'St. Louis Woman: A Blues Ballet'

Dance Theatre of Harlem - 'Serenade,' 'Thaïs pas de Deux,' 'A Song for Dead Warriors'

Dances from the Garden - Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company, Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company, American Repertory Ballet Company

Diablo Ballet - 'Le Corsaire' Suite, Excerpt from 'The Petites,' 'Tarantella' Pas de Deux, 'Lady of the Camellias' Pas de Deux, and 'Olbaid'

DV8 - 'The Cost of Living': Images from Life

Emio Greco - 'Rimasto Orfano'

Eva Yerbabuena Flamence: All About Eva

From Here to Maturity - 'Raft of Reasons', 'I Close My Eyes'

Gauri Sharma Tripathi - 'Vyuha'

George Piper Dances - 'Mesmerics,' 'Broken Fall,' 'Approximate Sonata, I, V'

Hamburg Ballet - 'Nijinsky': A Rite of Spring

Hamburg Ballet: Neumeier's Nijinsky - Beautiful and Haunting

Hamburg Ballet - 'Nijinsky': Nijinsky as Text

Henri Oguike Dance Company - 'Front Line,' 'White Space,' 'FPS,' 'Finale'

Hip: A Freedom of Expression

Hong Kong Ballet - 'The Last Emperor': Twilight of the Small

IRIE! Dance Theatre: Joy and Jubilation Begin IRIE!'s National Tour

Jean-Claude Gallotta – Trois générations

James Thierree - 'La Veillee des Abysses'

Kirov Ballet - 'Legend of Love'

Kirov Ballet - 'Le Corsaire'

Limon Dance Company: A Newbie's View of Limon

LINES Contemporary Ballet - 'The Patience of Aridity, Waiting for Petrichor,' 'Coleman Hawkins,' 'Baker Fix,' 'The Rite of Spring'

Mark Morris Dance Group - 'The Hard Nut': Christmas With the Wacky Relatives

Martha Graham Dance Company in Italy: Graham Pleasing and Political

Matthew Bourne's 'Nutcracker!': A Vote in the 'Frumpy Underdog Campaign'

Miami City Ballet - 'The Neighborhood Ballroom': Four Ages of Man (and Epilogue) Enough for Villella

Michael Clark - 'Oh My Goddess'

Mikhail Baryshnikov - 'Solos with Piano or Not'

Moving Africa': Modern Africa Moves at the Barbican Theatre

National Ballet of Canada - 'The Contract': X-Rated Fairy Tale!

National Ballet of Canada - Choreographic Workshop: Choreography of Their Own

Nederlands Dans Theater I- 'Symphony of Psalms,' 'Click-Pause-Silence,' 'Walking Mad': Ahead of the Curve

New York City Ballet - 'Nutcracker': The View from the Fifth Ring

Northern Ballet Theatre - 'A Midsummer Night's Dream': A Modern Dream for a Midsummer Night

Northern Ballet Theatre - 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

Nureyev Gala: Taking Nureyev's Name in Vain

ODC San Francisco - 'The Velveteen Rabbit': Real Rabbits, Real Dancing, and Real Tears

ODC/San Francisco - 'Flight to Ixcan': The Personal and Political Converge

ODC/San Francisco - 'Dancing Downtown': '24 Exposures,' 'Last Hello,' 'Pass'

Oregon Ballet Theatre - 'Nutcracker': Balanchine's Balm for the Eyes

Oregon Ballet Theatre - 'Nutcracker': Panache in Portland

Oregon Ballet Theatre - 'White Nights': 'Adin' -- Will there be a 'Dva'?

Oregon Ballet Theatre - Modern Masters: A Study in Contrasts

Opéra de Lyon - 'Spectacle Mats Ek'

Opéra National de Paris - 2003 Concours: Surprises et confirmations

Opéra National de Paris - 'Ivan le Terrible'

Opéra National de Paris - 'Soirée Balanchine/Robbins'

Opéra National de Paris - 'Pavane,' 'Glacial Decoy,' 'Trait d'Union,' 'Liebesliederwaltz'

Opéra National de Paris - 'Pavane,' 'Glacial Decoy,' 'Trait d'Union,' 'Liebesliederwaltz'

Opéra National de Paris - 'Ivan le Terrible'

Opéra National de Paris - 'Ivan le Terrible'

Opéra National de Paris - 'Giselle'

Opéra National de Paris - 'Giselle'

Opéra National de Paris - 'Giselle'

Opéra National de Paris - 'Giselle'

Opéra National de Paris - 'Giselle'

Opéra National de Paris - 'Giselle'

Opéra National de Paris - Soirée Kylian : 'Stepping Stones', 'Il faut qu'une porte…', 'Doux Mensonges'

Opéra National de Paris - 'Giselle' de Mats Ek

Opéra National de Paris - 'Giselle' de Mats Ek

Opéra National de Paris - Soirée Nijinska, Taylor, Bombana

Opéra National de Paris - Soirée Nijinska, Taylor, Bombana

Opéra National de Paris - 'Don Quichotte,' Une belle représentation

Opéra National de Paris - 'Don Quichotte,' Une vision de rêve

Opéra National de Paris - 'Don Quichotte,' Une matinée triomphale

Opéra National de Paris - 'Don Quichotte,' Une étoile en devenir

Opéra National de Paris - 'Don Quichotte,' Une soirée quelque peu ennuyeuse

Pacific Northwest Ballet's Balanchine Centenary Program: 'The Coupé is on Count Six'

Pacific Northwest Ballet - ‘Divertimento No. 15,' 'Agon' and ‘Brahms-Schoenberg Quartet': Northwest-ward, Ho!

Pacific Northwest Ballet - Choreographer's Showcase

Pacific Northwest Ballet - 'Serenade,' 'Carmina Burana'

Pacific Northwest Ballet - 'Serenade,' 'Carmina Burana': Performance of a Lifetime

Pacific Northwest Ballet - The Romantics: Without Boundaries

Paris Opera Ballet - 'Ivan the Terrible': Taking on the Most Russian Ballet in Existence

Paris Opera Ballet - Kelemnis, Brown, Preljocaj, Balanchine

Paris Opera Ballet - 'Giselle': Bewitched by Alina

Paris Opera Ballet POB - 'Signes'

Paris Opera Ballet - 'Don Quixote'

Parsons Dance Company with the Ahn Trio - 'Rise and Fall,' 'Caught,' 'Slow Dance,' 'Swing Shift'

Paul Matteson & Friends - 'Rustytime,' 'Step Touch,' 'I Simply Live Now'

Peking Acrobats: The Body as Theater

Peking Acrobats: Defying Physics

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'The Nutcracker': Hits and Humbugs

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'The Taming of the Shrew'

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'The Taming of the Shrew': Nothing Tame About This Shrew

Pennsylvania Ballet 'Rhythm and Blues' - 'Fearful Symmetries,' 'The Crossed Line,' 'Blue Until June': PAB Goes Red, Blue, and Modern

Dancers of the Pennsylvania Ballet - Shut Up and Dance: Benefit Wows Philly Crowd

Performance Showcase 2004- Stephen Pelton, Sara Shelton Mann, Amy Seiwert & others: Tight performances in the House of God

Phoenix Dance Theatre 2004: Reviving Everyday Life

Pilobolus - 'Megawatt,' 'Symbiosis,' 'The Brass Ring,' 'Wedlock': Trying to Forget

Presqu'iIles de danse

Nina Ananiashvili and the Moscow Dance Theatre - 'Green', 'Second Before the Ground', 'Leah'

Rambert Dance Company - 'Linear Remains,' 'Five Brahms Waltzes,' 'Reflection,' 'A Tragedy of Fashion'

Rambert Dance Company - 'Linear Remains', 'Five Brahms Waltzes...', 'Reflection', 'Tragedy of Fashion'

Resolution! and Reprise at the Place: 2 Views of Jean Abreu, Gildas Diquero, and Naked Fish Productions

Resolution! at the Place: Celia Grannum 'Goodbye Saturn,' Sara Crow & Co 'Something Outside,' Influx Dance Company 'Malleus Maleficarum'

Resolution! at the Place: The Company's Reasons to be Cheerful,' Lydia Ariken's 'Slip,' Lapsus Corpi's 'Waiting for Audi-Audi'

Resolution! at the Place: Emilia Adelöw, Rachel Lopez de la Nieta, Suzannah West: Glimpsing Dance Possibilities Beyond the Music

Resolution! at the Place: Chia Tachibana 'Suketatsuchini' and FLYdance and Zoo Indigo 'Lounge Living'

Resolution! at the Place: Device Dance's 'Underneath - Emerging - Revealing,' Charlotte Eatock's 'Temporary Slaughter,' Trinity Dance Project's 'Archipelago'

Resolution! at the Place: In Our own Company 'CCC'; Jean Abreu 'O LUNGO DROM'; Naked Fish Productions 'Nocturne for Night Cleaning'

Resolution! at the Place: Physical Physics 'Cassis Caput,' Zephyr in Zanussi 'Zero Aviation,' Caller Company 'Lyrical Request'

Resolution! at the Place: LISCHE - 'Lo spazio accessible,' Wired (Aerial Theatre) - 'Stuffed,' Max Barachini - 'Vulnerable: part two'

Resolution! at the Place: Selfish Shellfish (Germany) 'Dressed Dance,' Erica Stanton and Dancers 'Matter of Gravity,' Kate Brown 'having begun'

Resolution! at the Place: Joe Landini '4 Stories,' Pasgetti 'Going Nowhere Fast,' Satu Tuomisto Dance 'Toxic'

Resolution! at the Place: Tight Corner Dance Company - 'Perfectly Valid,' In:House - 'Out of Body,' OKKO Dance Company 'Lonbo'

Resolution! at the Place: 'Tango Art,' '[a conversation],' 'Tea and Apathy'

Robert Hylton Urban Classicism - 'Two Sugars with My Hip Hop Please', 'Innocence', 'Urban Voodoo', 'Landscape': When Does Hip-Hop Become Classical?

Robert Moses' KIN - "other gods," "Biography," "Tasogare" excerpt, "Cause": The Long and the Short of KIN

Rosemary Butcher - 'White'

Royal Ballet - 'Celebrating Diaghilev'

Royal New Zealand Ballet - Triple Bill - 'Saltarello', 'Milagros', 'FrENZy'

Royal New Zealand Ballet 'Romeo & Juliet'

Royal Swedish Ballet - 'En Midsommarnattsdröm' ('A Midsummer's Night Dream')

San Francisco Ballet - 'Nutcracker': Crying for Ecochange in a Humdrum Kingdom

San Francisco Ballet - Opening Gala 2004: Champagne wishes

San Francisco Ballet - 'Don Quixote': A Grand Kitri for LeBlanc

San Francisco Ballet - 'Le Quattro Stagioni, Study in Motion, Tu Tu': Possokhov's Brilliant Pairings

San Francisco Ballet - Classical, Contemporary, and Comical

San Francisco Ballet - 'Serenade,' 'Apollo,' The Four Temperaments': The many faces of Balanchine

San Francisco Ballet - 'Square Dance,' 'Stravinsky Violin Concerto,' 'Who Cares?'

San Francisco Ballet - 'Square Dance,' 'Stravinsky Violin Concerto,' 'Who Cares?'

San Francisco Ballet - 'Square Dance,' 'Stravinsky Violin Concerto,' 'Who Cares?'

San Francisco Ballet - 'Monotones I and II,' 'Thaïs pas de deux,' 'Symphonic Variations,' 'Elite Syncopations': Funky Hat Day at the Ballet

San Francisco Ballet - Program 7: 'Monotones I and II,' 'Thaïs pas de deux,' 'Symphonic Variations,' 'Elite Syncopations'

San Francisco Ballet - Program 7: Ashton's Assets

San Francisco Ballet - 'Sylvia'

San Francisco Ballet - 'Sylvia'

Savage Jazz -Benefit for Oakland School for the Arts: Jammin' and Clappin'

Savion Glover - 'Improvography': Finding Another Voice

Scottish Ballet - 'The Four Temperaments,' 'Soft Underbelly,' 'Five Rückert Songs,' '32 Cryptograms,' 'Acrid Avid Jam'

Scottish Dance Theatre - 'Moment,' 'Broken,' 'Track'

Shen Wei Dance Arts - 'The Rite of Spring,' 'Folding': Austerity and Exoticism at the Music Center

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui - 'Foi'

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui - 'Foi'

Smuin Ballet - Razzle Dazzle Marks Smuin Ballet's 10th Anniversary

Stars of the 21st Century Gala

State Street Ballet - 'Hollywood Nutcracker'

Stephanie Schober & Dance Company and Stan Won’t Dance - 'Change' and 'Sinner'

Sydney Dance Company - 'Ellipse': Surreal with the Fringe on Top

Tiffany Mills Company - 'Elegy': Mystery Suspended

Transitions Dance Company - 'Three Trees Hugging,' 'Divided,' 'Intertwining,' 'Transitions,' 'trans[odiem]*'

Von Krahl Theatre - 'The Swan Lake': Deconstructing Petipa

Walker Dance Park Music - 'Silence of the Soul'

Washington Ballet: On Their Way Up

Washington Ballet - 7x7: Love

Wim Vandekeybus: The PT Anderson of Dance?

'The Wind in the Willows': Return to Riverbank has Flair


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