From inception, important discussions, lively debates and witty banter have ignited the criticaldance.com forum, the heart and soul of the web site.

Here we compile a few of the most active discussion threads of all time, representing the hottest topics and a diverse international cross-section of participants, including artistic directors, choreographers, dancers, teachers, designers, executive directors, general managers, administrators, venue promoters, donors, sponsors, critics, and just plain dance enthusiasts.

Ballet Parking
"Just think of the possibilities in the 21st century version: Siegfried arrives at the ball in his brand new, shiny black Rothbart 2000, complete with a 10,000 swan power engine. He doesn't want to make a big Odille about it, but buying it put him deep in Odette, and his financial foolishness brings the family castle crashing down around him." more

Paris Opera Ballet in California
"Legris is perhaps the most elegant male dancer in the world. He's not tall enough or macho enough to play a soldier and it matters not one jot. He commands the stage from his first appearance." more

The Graham Company: Changing Steps
"Thank you for supporting our efforts to bring the Martha Graham Dance Company and School back to life. You and the hundreds of others all over the world who signed our letter, have galvanized the artistic community and focused awareness on this situation. With this as our beginning we will continue to work until changes are made. We do not have a staff, and for now must work at other jobs to pay our bills. We are overwhelmed by the world's support and are doing our best to make the most of these efforts and to make them matter." more

ABT Spring 2001
"I attended the Wednesday matinee performance of the Modern Masters and found the whole thing enjoyable and impressive. I had seen Tharp's piece towards the end of last season, and it looked completely new to me yesterday. The casting was superb, as was the dancing. I didn't seem to have Kisselgoff's problem with the 'clusters of dancers at the back.' The corps work looked typically Tharp with lots of stuff going on simultaneously, but it was balanced and charming." more

Keefer Case and Body Image – B.I.G. Forum
"A panel of experts assembled in a reception room overlooking the Thames at the Royal Festival Hall to open the debate on the question of body image in the ballet world: Julia Buckroyd, teacher and researcher at the University of Hertfordshire and welfare consultant to vocational dance schools, Maina Gielgud, ballerina and former Artistic Director of the Australian and Royal Danish Ballet companies and The Right Hon. Baroness Warnock, philosopher, and mistress of Girton College, Cambridge." more

On Becoming an Intern
"This summer, I'll be in a theatre where I'll primarily be dealing with interns. In order to try to head off the types of problems that so often recur, I'm writing a little note that I've tentatively titled, 'On Becoming an Intern'." more

The Keefer Case's Aftermath
"I just heard last night that the Keefers are going to appear on Good Morning America and on CBS News. And that prompted me to wonder, since this controversy is training a national eye on ballet, will the debate impact ballet positively or negatively? On the one hand, it galvanizes those many people who love ballet and wish it to have sovereignty over its own aesthetics to defend it passionately. On the other hand, it might turn off some potential ballet audience members who find the weight issue distasteful or offensive. A friend of mine believes that *any* controversy is good for the arts--no such thing as bad publicity, I guess. Just wondering what others think?" more

Guillem's Giselle (La Scala Ballet Tours US - Part 2)
"For the program notes of her production of Giselle, Guillem speaks with a frustration concerning the course Giselle has taken over time. She mentions Gautier and Heine's ideas being 'buried by stiff, choreographic, purely mechanical movements...becoming a kind of incoherent language that was supposed to 'speak' the story.' She then adds, 'I have tried to rediscover the real Giselle, to make the blood flow in the veins of the various characters.' With the exception of a few troublesome set designs and orientation, I am convinced that she did exactly that." more

Recital Time – the Yesses and the NoNos
"I remember when the administrator of our school blew up in the middle of preparing the school for a Christmas performance and called me to vent her feelings of shame, guilt and frustration. I told her not to lose sight of the fact that this wasn't just about dance, but about creating memories for children to take with them for a lifetime. Sometimes it's better to have a less perfect performance and a better time." more


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