Critical Dance


An Interview with Richard Winsor
by Lara Hartley
September 2001

Dancer Richard Winsor


He's tall, blond and good-looking - like the quintessential ballet cavalier, but standing in the back row holding a spear is not for him, declared dancer Richard Winsor.

At 19-years-old, Winsor is the youngest member of Matthew Bourne's Adventures in Motion Pictures. He graduated from the Central School of Ballet in August and The Car Man is his first professional gig. "I've always known I wanted to perform on stage, but I wasn't sure in what capacity," he said.

Richard hails from Nottingham, England, the middle child of Richard and Louella, both in business. His older sister, also named Louella, is studying law and younger brother Thomas is just a typical 12-year-old.


Dancer Richard Winsor taking class with the company
in a studio at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion


Asked why he dances he said, "Because it is such an emotional thing - to express yourself with music. It can be so powerful. You get such a powerful feeling on stage in front of an audience. "

Richard played sports as a kid, he said, like around 12-years-old but didn't actually do serious dance training until he went to Central at age 16. He was unsure about ballet or contemporary dance. "I never wanted to do just pure classical ballet ... but classical dance is the basis for all the rest - then one can explore other aspects."

At first he thought he wanted to do musical theater but that changed when he went to dance school. And then along came AMP. "This company (AMP) combines it all, you get the whole thing - the dance, the drama - without the singing and talking like in musical theater," said Winsor.


Richard dresses for a performance 


Before joining the company for this tour a month ago, Richard had contacted Matthew Bourne about taking classes with the company and then was asked later to join.

Bourne said at first he had gone to see Richard's school show and after seeing him dance in AMP's classes asked him to join the company. "People like him are quite hard to find actually, because he is big - which is good for this show - and he is tall and 'musclely,' and looks like - well he is a bit baby-faced, but he could look like a mechanic," Bourne said.

"And he dances very big and when he does class he uses his body very well and it is a very masculine way of moving," he said.

"But he also he isn't afraid of playing characters and has a lot of acting background as well. So I thought he would be good in this company if he enjoyed acting and that's part of what he enjoys doing. And his movement was very adaptable. He had basically ballet training but I don't think that is what he wants to do. And someone had told me he had always wanted to be in this company. And that always goes down well with me. He's a nice guy and fits in very well," said Bourne.

Richard dances the roles of Vito and Marco.

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