Critical Dance


Faces behind the make-up - Part 2


Nanette Kincaid: One of the most fascinating faces that I have photographed in a long time belongs to Nanette Kincaid. For some reason I kept thinking of her as "Nadia" - that became sort of a running joke. I couldn't decide which of these I liked best so I decided to just put them all up!




Nanette who trained at London Contemporary also has her own dance company for which she choreographs - to great reviews in the London press! The company is called Nanamations Dance Theater. Other dancers from AMP, like Lee, Shelby and Sara have worked with her on projects.


Lee Smikle: Lee is also a photographer as well as dancer and spent a lot of his time in Los Angeles exploring and shooting. He and Nanette are really good friends and we did their headshots at the same time.



Stephen Berkeley-White: Stephen also wanted images to use with his band's publicity. He and Rachel are another cute couple in the company.

Rachel Lancaster: Rachel has a face that reminds me of the women in paintings from the Renaisance. She looks like Mona Lisa!


Car Man the Show

- An Auto-Erotic Thriller -

Car Man Talk

- Talk about the show -

Designer: Lena Marie Stuart
US Director: Azlan Ezaddin
UK Director: Stuart Sweeney

All photos copyright 2001 Lara Hartley unless noted otherwise

All contributions as noted in each feature.