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Faces behind the make-up - Part 1

While shooting the Car Man company one of the things that evolved was creating headshots for those dancers that needed or wanted them. So, for your viewing enjoyment a series of faces behind the makeup.


Saranne Curtin: Performed Lana. Trained at the Rambert School, Laban Centre. She performs Lana in the upcoming Car Man film and danced the eye-catching Italian Princess in AMP's film of Swan Lake.


Nina Goldman: Performed Gina, Delores and Shirley. She has performed with the National Ballet of Canada, and returns to the Tony-award winning Broadway show Contact now that Car Man has finished its American tour. Interesting note, when Nina was with the NBC she was in the corps for the film Onegin.


Neil Penlington: Performed Dino, Angelo, Rocco, Vito, Erick. Will be seen as Vito in the Car Man film.


Emily Piercy: Performed Rita, Gina and Virginia. She trained at the Jean Ramsay School of Dancing, the Elmhurst Ballet School, and the London Contemporary Dance School. Emily was outstanding as the Girlfriend in Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, showing a deft comedic sense as well as super dance skills. Emily and Ewan Wardrop are one of the dancing couples in the company.


Ewan Wardrop: Performed Angelo and Luca. Trained at the Elmhurst Ballet School and the English National Ballet School. Ewan has also performed in Bourne's Cinderella as the Pilot and Malcom and Swan Lake as The Prince, a Big Swan, The Nobleman and the Italian Escort.


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Designer: Lena Marie Stuart
US Director: Azlan Ezaddin
UK Director: Stuart Sweeney

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