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I am a newspaper photographer based in Barstow, Calif. - with more than just a few awards under my belt for photography and writing. 

I prefer the life of a small-town photojournalist because it allows me freedom to pursue a freelance career while giving me the ability to explore the importance of community journalism.

During my annual vacations from the daily paper, I undertake intensely personal photo journeys - like this documentary of Adventures in Motion Pictures on tour in Los Angeles.

Last year I photographed a group of Operation Rainbow doctors doing reparative surgery on children with cleft palates and lips in Mexico for a web project produced by Fritz Nordengren of New Media for Non Profits, http://missions.

Nordengren also produced the multi-award winning internet site
where I first published my work online.

The internet has given me international exposure as a photographer that would have never been possible working only in the desert of Southern California!

In addition to the AMP project, I am working on a new group of images called The Red Shoes Series - digitally manipulated photographs of a pair of red pointe shoes in different locales. The shoes are brand new, traveling and dancing with me where ever I go - who knows what they will look like after a couple of years of being hung on barbed wire fences and placed in precarious situations.

I hope that the AMP images on Critical-Dance will give ballet and dance fans a unique view of Adventures in Motion Pictures during their Los Angeles visit.


Lara Hartley

- Photo Journalist -



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Designer: Lena Marie Stuart
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