Critical Dance

Under the Hood
An exclusive peek
behind the scenes

Lara Hartley

With additional text
Ed Lippman


As the afternoon matinee of Car Man lets out, a cool saxophonist blows hot for theater goers


Having a cigarette during breaks


Lee wears a very distinctive cowboy hat


Nanette Kincaid brushes out her hair


Rachel Lancaster puts on her makeup


Dancer Stephen Berkeley-White reads about mountain climbing


Joe Reid, an American member of the wardrobe crew


Reflecting Pond


Chief Electrician
Andy Murrell


Just a bit of color: Production Manager David Evans


Enjoying a smoke and lunch


Company Manager Simon Lacey


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An Interview with Arthur Pita
One of the most amusing and delightful interviews I had was with Arthur Pita. Arthur is 29 one of the "older boys" he says but he only looks 22 to me! more

Faces behind the make-up - Part 2
One of the most fascinating faces that I have photographed in a long time belongs to Nanette Kincaid. For some reason I kept thinking of her as "Nadia" - that because sort of a running joke. more

An Interview with Kevin Muscat
A short chat with Kevin Muscat revealed more than just a small town boy making it big in the big city, but a small island boy finding his place in life through dance. more

Faces behind the make-up - Part 1
While shooting the Car Man company one of the things that evolved was creating headshots for those dancers that needed or wanted them. So, for your viewing enjoyment a series of faces behind the makeup. more

An interview with Darren J. Fawthrop
My very first question makes Darren explode in laughter. While doing my research, I uncovered what I found to be a highly unlikely contest won last year by one Darren Fawthrop - a "Strongest Man" competition. And Mr. Fawthrop was the winner. Was this the same Darren J. Fawthrop that sat before me? more

Company in Rehearsal - Part 4
Adam as Dino tries to grab Arthur as Angelo after Dino is struck in the head during the climax of Act I. more


An Interview with Adam Galbraith
Watching Adam Galbraith dance is like watching power in motion. And the pleasure he derives from performing is palpable. He is a very masculine figure on stage that the eye automatically follows. more

An Interview with Andrew Corbett
A brief talk with dancer Andrew Corbett reveals a rather quiet and private man who likes the calm of sitting on a beach and exploring designer hotels with his partner Lawrence Hurwitz. more

An Interview with Will Kemp, The James Dean of Dance
James Dean is staring at me. Hanging from the mirror in Will Kemp's dressing room, the postcard of the brooding icon draws you like a moth to a light, oddly, the only personal effect in the room. more

Company in Rehearsal - Part 3
Valentina Formenti trained at the London Contemporary Dance School and the 4D Dance Group. more


Company in Class - Part 2
Dancer Nina Goldman takes a breather after class. more


An Interview with Neil Penlington, Dance Captain
What's foremost on Neil's mind today? Planning a quick overnight trip to the desert for a trip to the desert hot springs. And who says dancers can't relax? more

Company in Rehearsal - Part 2
Etta Murfitt and Ewan Wardrop rehearse the roles of Rita and Angelo. more


Company in Class - Part 1
Dance captain Vicky Evans takes the company class through contemporary moves. more


Boys Having Fun
Boys just want to have fun posing for pictures. more


Prince of a Company
Scott Ambler is a prince of a guy. Not a 'real' prince mind you but just an all-round good-guy kinda-prince. more


It's all in the Mascara
Car Men in makeup. more



Company in Rehearsal - Part 1
Bourne show how he wants a certain move done. more


Lara meets with Matthew Bourne
Meeting with Matthew Bourne is rather like being in the eye of a hurricane... more

Ed interviews Bourne
Instantly engaging, his wide-ranging answers become stories in and of themselves, captivating you, drawing you into his world of stage, movie musicals and classic film references. more

An Essay by Bourne
"The Car Man" was my first new show in three years and a lot of people asked me initially, "Why Carmen?" more

An interview with Richard Winsor
He's tall, blond and good-looking - like the quintessential ballet cavalier, but standing in the back row holding a spear is not for him, declared dancer Richard Winsor. more

Belinda Lee Chapman
Chapman trained at the English National Ballet School and the City Lit Drama School. more





Car Man the Show

- An Auto-Erotic Thriller -

Car Man Talk

- Talk about the show -

Designer: Lena Marie Stuart
US Director: Azlan Ezaddin
UK Director: Stuart Sweeney

All photos copyright 2001 Lara Hartley unless noted otherwise

All contributions as noted in each feature.